Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Starring Emma Toy in The Sound of Music

Emma auditioned for a role as one of the Von Trapp children in the Gig Harbor High School production of the Sound of Music back in January. 71 children auditioned for 5 roles. Her audition song was "True Colors" which she prepared in 2 days. I only found out about the auditions 2 days before they happened. When it was Emma's turn to audition she got up on stage, introduced herself and what she would be singing, and then blanked the melody of her song. Most kids would have started crying or gotten embarassed, but not her. She excused herself, ran down to Eddie and said she forgot the melody. Eddie sent her to me in the back of the auditorium, since I had Evalin with me. They let another kid go ahead with their audition while I helped Emma remember her tune. She then ran back on stage, apologized to the director that she forgot the melody and proceeded to give a great audition. She got called back the next day with about 15 other children. Then they had her audition with music from "The Sound of Music" and see what kind of chemistry she had with the older children being cast. We were supposed to hear back in 2 days on whither she got the role or not, but didn't hear back for a week. We thought she hadn't gotten it since we hadn't heard back, but then we got a surprise email stating that Emma was cast as Marta Von Trapp, the 7 year old daughter. Those short genetics came in handy (wink wink)! The director later told me that Emma's mess up in her audition is what made her stand out. It showed the director Emma could handle pressure and be able play the part well.

Rehearsals were straight from school until 7pm twice a week during February (one day of choreography and another for singing) and then every school day the first 2 weeks in March. Tech week (the week before opening) Emma was at the high school rehearsing from 30 minutes before school got out until 9pm at night. She was such a trouper and loved every minute of it.

I had the opportunity to help with costumes. I love to sew clothes and volunteered my skills to help make the girl Von Trapp children's costumes. The rental stores don't carry children size clothes, so all the children's costumes had to be bought or made. After countless hours, really I lost track of the hours, I finished 16 costume pieces for the children. I made 5 white party dresses, 5 ugly green curtain dresses, 3 peasant dresses, and 3 blouses. I made them all in 3 weeks. It was all worth it to see them up on stage, and watch Emma perform in the costumes. The children and director were very grateful for my help. They signed a SofM poster and presented it to me with a rose on stage closing night. I also, helped out with some emergency sewing repairs during performances. Opening night "Maria" tore the rented wedding dress costume almost in half during the quick change. Luckily it was only the seem that tore open. I fixed it the next day so it could be used again the next night. The show must go on!! I also helped out with dinners during Tech week, and tickets sales, concession sales and raffle ticket sales during the performances. I learned that our school district doesn't pay for any of the budget for the productions put on by the drama department. They have to earn all the money to keep the program going. It's a lot of work.

Emma was interviewed by the local newspaper "The Gateway" for her role in the musical.
View Article Here She got her name in the paper with some of her interview printed. She was excited. We ended up using zip ties to hold her braids in place so they wouldn't fall out during the performances. One of her favorite parts was getting mic'd every performance.

After everything, she performed 7 shows, 2 matinees for the elementary school children, and walked around local shops/stores to advertise the show. She loved every moment of it and says she wants to audition next year if they have any children's roles.Here are some pictures of the show. Enjoy!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Taylor Swift Concert

I gave Emma tickets to see Taylor Swift in concert at the Tacoma Dome for her birthday back in June. The concert was this week and she had a fabulous time. Here are some pictures from the event. Her friend Alexis was able to come with us. They wore matching outfits.

Emma bought herself a T Shirt, which she wore to school the next day

Sung her heart out all night long!

Emma took lots of pictures with her camera

We got there early and had dinner

Taylor is singing "Fifteen" during her encore

The girls are making a heart with their hands in front of one of Taylor Swifts many truck in the parking lot after the concert.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Well Everyone, She is Officially 1!

Evalin turned 1 year old this last Saturday. These are some pictures that were taken that day:

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tacoma News Tribune Subscription Deal!

So the biggest obstacle in couponing is getting a hold of free or practically free Sunday papers. If you have to pay for the papers/coupons then you are really not saving much money by using the coupons. I just found this great deal at The Coupon Project on a "News Tribune" Subscription that makes their Sunday paper lots less expensive. If you order a subscription for just one Sunday paper they charge you $3.75 to deliver it or $2 when you buy it from a stand/store, but if you mention this deal when you call you get 3 papers for only $3 per week delivered. Plus the News Tribune is the only paper I have found in my area that gives you all 3 coupon inserts: Smartsource, Redplum, and P&G. Seattle Times doesn't give you the Redplum.

It may be silly, but this makes me so excited! :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

He Took The Words Right Out of My Mouth

Over the past year I have made some very large life changes. Watching this video today I felt "he took the words right out of my mouth". I feel it is time to share this with my friends and family.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Mother's Day Present!

I got a wonderful book of poems from Emma for Mother's Day! So wonderful that I want to share with you some of her creations:

Growing Up

When I was one I was already walking,
and you helped me.
When I was two I tried to talk,
and you helped me do it.
When I was three I was in preschool,
and you dropped me off every day.
When I was four I got my first tricycle,
and you bought it for me.
When I was five I went to school on the bus,
and you let me do it.
When I was six I learned how to do A.R. tests,
and you were happy for me.
When I was seven I had lots of people at my birthday party,
and you accepted that.
When I was eight I made this poem for you,
and you know now
As I grow up there's one thing for sure I will always be your daughter!


There once was a girl named Lilly, who was quite silly.
She scrunched her toes, blew her nose
Thats all she does, no really!
There was a boy, who loved his toy.
He also loved his Mommy, the boys name was Tommy
And has a friend named Koy.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Playing Catch Up!

To try and catch up on the last few month of life, here we go!

We had our 3rd girl! Evalin, who is now 5 months old!

Leora turned 5 and started Kindergarten!

Emma turned 8, had a great soccer season, cut her hair to donate to Locks of Love, and attended a Taylor Swift concert in New York!

Eddie and I are still best friends, holding hands through the journey of life!